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A vibrant and mesmerising depiction of the Universal Energy System flow of energy through the 10 chakras.  

This original print of, The Universal Energy System Yin Yang Intersection and Flow, depicts all 10 chakras for both Yin (female) and Yang (male), including the direction of spin for each chakra and the order, intersections and flow of energy of the 8 Octaves around them.  

Marvel at the exquisite flow of energy and the inter-relationships and patterns they make, as they intersect, loop and spin to reveal the secrets of the frequencies of the universe.


**Poster ONLY, frame not included.


The framed picture is an A3 Gloss Cardboard print in an A2 frame.

We recommend buying the Gloss Cardboard print for framing in an A3 frame, or the Laminated print for hanging directly on a wall, or for hanging in a larger frame due to the slightly larger size.



Universal Energy System® Yin Yang Flow - A3 Poster