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  • How do I choose the right essence for me?
    Each Octave Essence works to bring different energetic systems of the body back into alignment and correct issues ranging from physical injury and illness, to negative emotions, belief systems and patterns of behaviour. Choosing the right essence for your situation can be as simple as identifying with the description of an essence and relating to the issue you are looking to correct. ​ You can use the same process for choosing the most effective crystal for healing as you can for choosing the right essence. If you want to get tangible results when using crystals for healing, it requires more than just being enamoured by the colour, type or lustre of a crystal - although that's important too. ​ The following process will help you get the best results: Bring an issue to mind Read through the descriptions of the Crystal Octave Essences®, and find the one that most relates to the issue you are looking to correct, or if you are familiar with how to muscle monitor, test against each essence to find the one that causes an 'unlock' Read the related lifestyle card to find - or muscle monitor to find - the "aspect/s out of balance", the energetic stress that caused the issue to be created, then use the same method, to find the 'strength to restore balance', the power you already have and can use any time you need in the future to resolve the issue if it presents itself again. Administer the standard dose of 7 drops to correct All energy systems will immediately snap back into place and you'll notice you're living the change! You will only need one dose of, Crystal Octave Essences®, to correct an issue, however, if you feel the need for greater support as your body comes back into balance, surround yourself with the crystals of the same system type, colours of the related chakra, or meridian and eat foods of the same colour to continue to support the changes. Used together with the psychology cards or our instructional manuals you will gain a greater understanding of your own personal strengths and weaknesses and how to use them to your advantage to advance your own personal development and live the life your dreams! ​
  • How much essence should I take?
    A standard adult dosage is 1 single dose of 7 drops under the tongue one time only per issue. In terms of 'best practice', essences should always be applied directly from the bottle, without dilution, and taken at least 15-20 minutes before consuming food or drink, however, because the Octave Essences work instantly, I've never found food, drink, or dilution interferes with their potency and they can be just as effective when applied directly to the skin. In accordance with traditional preparation methods, we use organic grape alcohol to preserve our essences, so when administering to children and those who do not wish to be exposed to alcohol, it is recommended to place 7 drops of the essence into a small glass or ceramic mug of water (not plastic or metal) and drink immediately. ​
  • How many essences can I take at one time?
    ONE - yes it's that simple! No more mix and match, chemistry set concoctions, simply take ONE dose of ONE essence per issue - done! ​ Crystal Octave Essences® work differently to other flower and gem essences. The eight core essences are all you'll ever need to find the underlying psychology and energetically correct any issue. Because they are designed to synchronise all systems of the body connected by a single Octave - including chakras, meridians, physical and subtle body systems - rather than just an emotional state, they work at a much deeper and comprehensive level. No need for repeat doses, 'travel tinctures', or any other ongoing support to clear the issue. Follow these guidelines to get the best results from your Crystal Octave Essences®: A standard dose is 7 drops taken under the tongue or in a small glass of water (both have proven to be equally effective) NO additional daily doses or maintenance doses are required Only 1 Crystal Octave Essence® will ever come up in relation to a single issue Crystal Octave Essences® are only to be taken on their own and they are NEVER to be combined with each other, or ANY other essences in a single dose. ​ As these essences are therapeutic preparations, it is important that these instructions for their use be followed to get the best results. ​
  • What's the best way to store my essences?
    It is best to store vibrational medicine in a cool place away from TV’s, mobile phones, computers, microwaves and other electrical devices. We have done all the hard work for you when it comes to optimum storage, as all of our essences are packaged in cylindrical, amber glass bottles giving them protection from most light wavelengths and optimum protection against damaging UV light. Individual and kit essences are boxed in eco friendly recycled cardboard, a natural material that provides separation and does not interfere with the vibrational frequency of the essences. All you have to do is find a cool place to store them and if putting them on display, ensure they are keep away from direct sunlight.
  • Are Crystal Essences the same as Crystal Water?
    Crystal Water is a quick, easy and fun way to surround yourself with 'feel good' energy. You can easily make your own by simply placing good quality - non toxic crystals - in water and exposing them to sunlight for a couple of hours, or leaving them to sit overnight to absorb the frequency of the crystals. After a day or two, water prepared in this way will lose its charge and will need to be made again. ​ Crystal Essences are more potent, traditional medicine preparations that use additional alchemical processes to imprint water with the vibrational frequency of the crystals, which is then preserved in brandy to lock it in. ​ As crystals are more difficult to extract frequency energies from compared to biological materials such as flowers and bark, additional frequency release techniques must be used in order to achieve potent practitioner grade essences. Energetic precision is of the utmost importance and there are many considerations that must be made to minimise the interference of trace minerals, toxins, chemicals, preservatives and energetic interference from equipment, ingredients, the environment and the crystals themselves, as well as 'supercharging' processes that occur in order to produce a high potency product. ​ We use a range of alchemical processes to extract the just the right combination of vibrational frequencies needed for our essences and are committed to providing the most pure, potent products for personal education and change. The processes and ingredients we use to create each essence have been refined over many years of experimentation and testing, so you can be sure that when you buy Crystal Octave Essences®, you are buying quality therapeutic grade products that will deliver results. ​ In summary, Crystal Octave Essences®, will help you understand the exact crystal you need to correct imbalances in your energy system and creating your own crystal water can be beautiful, complimentary way to continue to support yourself once balance has been restored. ​
  • Can I still use crystals if I'm using Crystal Octave Essences?
    Physical gems by their very nature, are most often used for healing by being placed on or around the the body - working from the outside in - and it can take time for the body to absorb and process these frequencies. Because Crystal Octave Essences are concentrated infusions of the vibrational frequency patterns of crystals, they can be instantly absorbed into the body to work directly at a cellular level - working from the inside out - which makes them far more effective in terms of the strength and the speed at which they are able to produce results. ​ Gem Essences are basically a super concentrated vibrational infusion of the most potent aspects of the healing properties of crystals without any of the potential negative aspects - in other words, they're ready when you need them and don't need to be cleared or cleansed in order to deliver the same powerful result each time they are used. ​ For fast and effective change, Crystal Octave Essences®, deliver transformation to the energetic systems of the body as well as the mind, emotions and spirit. Once you have identified which crystal system is out of balance you can continue to enjoy carrying, wearing, or placing your favourite crystals of the same Octave around you to support your energetic realignment post balance.​ ​
  • Can I take Crystal Octave Essences with other medications?
    The TGA considers crystal essences to be "low risk medicines",and they are generally regarded as safe to use by people of all ages. Crystal Octave Essences, are gentle vibrational medicines, containing organic wine alcohol and pruified water programmed with the vibrational frequency of crystals. Unlike homeopathic remedies, which are serial dilutions of plant and mineral materials, our essences do not contain any crystals or traces of crystal, making them safe for anyone of any age to use. While this also reduces the risk of adverse reaction with prescription medications, we recommend you ALWAYS consult with your doctor before combining Crystal Octave Essences with any other medication. In addition, the vibrational frequency contained in the essences is the same as that already present in the human body and will not interfere with devices such as pacemakers or other medical implants. Although generally considered safe, Crystal Octave Essences®, are not designed to diagnose or treat ANY medical condition and in ALL instances were you may have concerns about a medical issue, we recommend you:​ Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have NEVER delay seeking medical advice, disregard professional medical advice or discontinue medical treatment because of something you may have read on this website, or believe about our product Do NOT rely on the information on our website as an alternative to medical advice from a doctor or other healthcare provider. We recommend that you consult with your doctor before For further information on medical liabilty, please refer to our "Terms and Conditions" for more information.
  • How do I know which 'Power' Perfume to choose?
    Crystal Flos 'Power' Perfumes are a fast and fun way to connect with, learn about and experience the transformational brilliance of Octave Essences everyday. Through the simple act of intuitively choosing your favourite scent and how you want to feel in that moment and for the day, you will ultimately be choosing the exact frequency that's right for you. The combination of, Crystal Octave Essences®, and the essential oils that traditionally accompany them, stimulate the senses and penetrate the body, supporting you to enhance and align the following aspects of life: Patchouli Achieve - get organised, create systems and get things done Jasmine Tranquility - relax expectations and embrace peace and tranquility Sweet Orange Conquest - lead the way and overcome any obstacle Bohemian Orange Creativity - remove creative blocks and restore flow in life Wild Bergamot Success - achieve any goal you set your mind to Geranium Love - let down your defences and open your heart Hyssop Inspiration - expand your breath, welcome in the new and breathe out the old Hyssop Expression - express yourself, voice your needs wants and desires Sandalwood Wisdom - enhance your intellect balancing head and heart Ylang Ylang Intuition - connect with and expand your 6th sense of 'knowing' Rose Ode Centred - create stable foundation for action and spontaneous fun Vanilla Heaven - let go of the past and be in the 'now' Lotus Divinity - justice and humanity in all things. Because each perfume oil contains only 100% natural oils and ingredients, the fragrance will last around 4-5 hours, leaving you with a clean pallet to mix and match or completely update your energetic needs throughout the day.
  • What are the safety guidelines for using Natural Perfume Oils?
    While essential oils are generally considered safe and free from adverse side effects, the use of any chemical - whether natural or synthetic - can pose a potential hazard. We therefore recommend you choose and use Crystal Flos 'Power' Perfumes® with consideration to the following guidelines and your own specific circumstances: General Safety Guidelines​ Keep essential oils out of reach of children Store essential oils away from light and heat Always do a skin patch test prior to use Do not use on or near the eyes Do not use on broken or damaged skin Do not ingest essential oils under ANY circumstances Do not use when pregnant Do not use on children If symptoms or ingestion occurs, seek urgent medical advice. Sensitive Skin and Allergies If you have sensitive skin, or ANY sensitivities or allergies to to essential oils it is recommended that you DO NOT use Crystal Flos 'Power' Perfumes®. ​ Photo Toxicity Our perfumes contain essential oils that may have phototoxic effects, increasing sun sensitivity and the chance of sunburn when applied to the skin prior to sun exposure. Always do a skin patch test to determine skin sensitivity and phytotoxicity prior to using Crystal Flos 'Power' Perfumes®. ​ Pregnancy Unless specifically advertised for pregnancy, ALL of our perfumes and perfumed products contain essential oils that should be avoided during pregnancy - including but not limited to: Basil, Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Cypress, Fennel, Jasmine, Juniper Berry, Marjoram, Myrrh, Peppermint, Rose, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme. Do not use Crystal Flos 'Power' Perfumes® while pregnant. ​ Medical Conditions If you suffer from ANY medical condition, or are taking medication for a medical condition, we suggest you consult your treating medical practitioner before using Crystal Flos 'Power' Perfumes®. Conditions that may contraindicate the use of essential oils include, but are not limited to: Epilepsy High Blood Pressure Low Blood Pressure Asthma.
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