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Take charge with confidence and carisma


Lead the way, projecting authority and inspiring others with the floral citrus blend of Sweet Orange essential oil, lemon and floral notes.  Combined with the frequency of the square inner crystal structure of the Cubic Octave, you'll be ready for anything, as you create order, routine and consistency in life that allows you to plan well ahead, see the patterns that others miss and outmanoeuvre any obstacle.  


Each essential oil attributed to the Octaves is the traditional oil used for centuries by natural therapists to heal and transform the energetic imbalances of the energy systems of the body - the meridians, chakras, auric fields and subtle bodies - and can be a powerful way to transform energetic blocks in mind, body and soul to restore balance to life.


DIRECTIONS: Instantly absorb the healing vibrations of Flos ‘Power’ Perfume Oils by applying to pulse points at the wrists and behind the ears, or apply to the outer arm and neck for a longer lasting scent that stays with you, continuing your transformation throughout the day.


100% natural. 96% certified organic ingredients.

Made in Australia.


INGREDIENTS: Organic Jojoba Oil (90%), Organic Parfum Oil (6%), Natural Parfum Oil (4%), Organic Glycerine, Trigonal Crystal Octave Essence®. 


WARNINGFlos ‘Power’ Perfume Oils have the power to transform!

These perfumes can enhance your mood and behaviour and we recommend you exercise caution when choosing and using your perfume oil to ensure the potential for change aligns appropriately to your own personal circumstances.  See our FAQs to LEARN MORE.


While we ONLY use 100% natural and certified organic essential oils in our Crystal Flos (flower) ‘Power' Perfume Oils, essential oils like any other chemical, can be harmful in some circumstances.  

We recommend you follow these safety instructions when using ALL our perfume oils

  • For external use only
  • If ingested, seek immediate medical assistance
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Not for use on children or animals
  • Avoid during pregnancy
  • May increase photosensitivity, do not expose skin to sunlight after application
  • Check with your doctor for contraindications prior to use if you have ANY medical condition, or are taking ANY medication.


Flos - Sweet Orange 'Conquest'