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Little Rock Alchemy is the ultimate 'GOOD VIBES' brand, specialising in bringing you the most powerful blends of homeopathic style, practitioner quality, crystal essences, to help increase awareness of the impact of the energetic systems of the body on good health and how to use energy to achieve harmony in all areas of your life.

Our, Crystal Octave Essences®, are based on the Universal Energy System™, a NEW integrated approach to working with the energetic systems of the body, capturing the universal patterns of behaviour that, once discovered, help you better understand yourself, how you fit in the world around you, where your health and wellbeing concerns originate, and the exact strengths you already have, to transform every aspect of your life. 



Our mission is to increase awareness and appreciation of the importance of the energy systems of the human body for good health, and to harness the powerful, healing vibrational frequencies of crystals in a way that can be used by professional therapists and crystal enthusiasts alike to produce transformational results.


We aim to produce a simpler, easier to use system of essences that anyone can use to better understand their energetic profile, why they do what they do and how to better manage their energy to create the changes they want in life.

Our products are designed as both ongoing educational and corrective tools to improve understanding and practical use of energy in every day life.

By providing access to quality products, professional practice tips and relevant research and information on how, when and why to use crystals for healing, we aim to help you gain a deeper understanding yourself and those around you, improve your connection with the earth and understand how harnessing its energetic patterns can improve your overall physical health and mental and spiritual wellbeing.




Owned and handcrafted from Australian materials

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Made with respect from certified organic ingredients



Practitioner quality essences infused with pure earth frequencies

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Putting people and our planet first in everything we do 



Free from GMOs, heavy metals, nano technology, toxins and synthetics




When you understand the energetic systems of the body, you'll have everything you need

to create better health, relationships and transform every aspect of your life.

In her search to refine her own practice and find faster, more effective and natural ways to resolve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues at their core, Kinesiologist and founder of Little Rock Alchemy, Robyn Burgess, stumbled upon an incredibly powerful way of using crystals to unite all energetic systems of the body, and change the way you think about who you are and how you can create your reality.

The energetic systems of the body are essential to maintaining good health and wellbeing, but until now, have always been assessed and corrected separately as either the meridian system, the chakras, or the auric fields, without really considering the way they might impact each other. 

Crystal Octave Essences® and the Universal Energy System® were both born out of extensive research into the energetic systems of the body and the search for a way to deliver faster, more effective, long term results for clients, that would do more than dust off surface level emotions, and really change lives.


The driving force behind her creation was the desire to make quality crystal healing and make the same amazing results she was seeing in clinic available to everyone, helping:

  • EDUCATE clients about the importance of energetic health 

  • give them a REAL and MEASURABLE life CHANGE

  • EVOLVE their understanding of themselves and

  • develop the RESOURCEFULNESS to handle anything life could throw at them in the future!​

Crystal Octave Essences®, created originally as a set of 8 THERAPEUTIC crystal essences, are a simple and effective crystal healing system that ANYONE CAN use to TRANSFORM their lives.  Together with the accompanying Psychology Cards, Flos Natural Oil Perfumes, instruction manuals, and workshops, they provide a complete overview of the, Universal Energy System®, for identifying imbalances and empowering positive change for everyday energetic excellence.  

From stopping procrastination, improving relationships and being able to speak your truth, to understanding your own behaviours and motivations on a deeper level and the skills you already have to release you from these patterns - there is a crystal essence to help IMPROVE ANY SITUATION.

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