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No.10 "Earth Star" Crystal Octave Essence

No.10 "Earth Star" Crystal Octave Essence


Clear the day and begin again with the Earth Star Octave Essence.  


As the Earth Star Chakra - the 10th chakra - is the point at which our energy flow reconnects with the Earth and begins the cycle again, so this frequency allows us to ground, reconnect with the Earth, release all negative energetic buildup and begin again.


With the number 10 comprised of both numbers '1' and '0', it embodies the qualities of the Cubic Octave - only with greater spirituality.  Use the Cubic Octave (No.1) Psychology Card with this essence for further information about the creation of the issue at its source and the personal energetic superpowers you have to restore balance to life.


The No.10 Octave Essence is particularly effective for treating the energetic imbalances that result from major trauma and traumatic events.