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At Little Rock Alchemy, we are dedicated to the energetic excellence, health and wellbeing of our customers and the reeducation of our community about the importance of good energetic health.  

Our proprietary essences are: highly researched, based on the science of crystallography, therapeutic practices of

kinesiology, traditional Chinese acupuncture, and homeopathy; our processes are laboriously engineered; and each tincture rigorously tested, so that we can produce the most potent, transformational blends of crystal essences of a type and quality you won't find anywhere else.  

Because our products are not just 'run of the mill' crystal essences, but a completely new and exciting way of understanding and using universal energy frequencies to balance the human energy system, we understand that there will be many people excited to embrace and use our products and practices.  Please be aware, however, that all members, customers and visitors to the, Little Rock Alchemy, website, and those that purchase and use our products and services, are agreeing to the following copyright terms and conditions, and we reserve the right to change these terms at our discretion. 


  1. Crystal Octave Essences®, are sold exclusively by Little Rock Alchemy via our website for use by individuals and natural therapy practitioners.  Purchasing essences directly from Little Rock Alchemy, or our authorised stockists is the best way of ensuring the essences are authentic.

  2. We only permit the resale of, Crystal Octave Essences®, by authorised distributors, stockists and practitioners. 

  3. If you’re interested in distributing, or stocking our products, please contact, Little Rock Alchemy, directly to register your interest.


  1. We welcome any enquiries about the use of our IP and have the following standard four point process by which you may make an application:​​

    • REQUEST - all requests for use of any intellectual property must be made in writing to enquiry@littlerockalchemy,  prior to use and must be approved by us in writing before commencing.

    • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - we request that all acknowledgements of our IP are placed prominently within the context of usage (i.e. below, on, or situated in direct relation to the property), reading: “This image [or text] supplied courtesy of Little Rock Alchemy, all rights reserved.”

    • APPROVAL - initial and final proofs of all artwork, including web pages, books, advertisements, labels, etc., must be forwarded to us for approval prior to publication or release, and we will respond in writing with either an approval or notice to amend.

    • USE - The use of the intellectual property (images, text, or other) supplied, is limited to the explicit property and purpose requested, i.e.: logo only for use your web page, book, advertisement, label or other collateral, and may not be reproduced for any other purpose other than the drafts which have been approved.

  2. If you need any images or wording from us, please send your request, with full details to: enquiry@littlerockalchemy


  1. Little Rock Alchemy, and Crystal Octave Essences® are trademarked brand names and contain copyrights with all rights reserved to Robyn Burgess.    

  2. We are happy to extend approval for the use of our logo to registered professional practitioners and authorised distributors and stockists by written application.  

  3. We ask that any use of our logo does not imply company representation, but rather a professional association with our company.  It is conditional upon use of our logo that it is used in a manner that upholds appropriate practitioner codes of conduct and morally and ethically represents Little Rock Alchemy - the brand, its products and services.  

  4. It is a requirement of the permission process that we approve all draft artwork prior to production.

  5. All use of our logos must include the whole logo and not be separated into text or image components.


  1. All property produced by our company - including our essences and related products, research, original art work, logos, illustrations and designs, workshops, services, publications, website content, music, videos and any other property we create for the purpose of enhancing energetic health - is considered to be our intellectual property.  

  2. Crystal Octave Essences®, are proprietary blends of crystal frequencies, produced under uniquely designed processes and conditions for specific therapeutic purposes.  As such, any and all ingredients and production processes we use are protected trade secrets.  

  3. We do not supply information on or about our processes or ingredients, nor do we provide the raw materials, or give authority for any of our products to be used in any way in the manufacture or production of other products, whether similar or otherwise. 

  4. The, "Universal Octave Energy", theories and practices that underpin the Little Rock Alchemy business are considered a substantial and distinctive part of the original research and writings of Robyn Burgess and are protected as such.

  5. Given the nature of our brand, we trust that all those attracted to our work, will engage with it in an ethical and moral manner in accordance with all of our policies.  However, for anyone seeking to access, appropriate, change, adapt, use, observe, copy, reproduce, or in any other way interfere with our work in an unauthorised manner, please be aware that we will immediately, vigorously and relentlessly pursue ANY unauthorised breaches of either our universal, material or moral rights until the infringement fully cease and desist.  This is the only notice that will be given to you and no further negotiations will be entered into.

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