Essential for complete balance of the energetic systems of the body - meridians, chakras and auric fields - both post Covid-19 'vaccination' and that may result from any energetic transference caused by vaccine shedding.


Our first crystal & flower essence has been specifically developed and extensively tested to restore balance to ALL energetic systems of the body disturbed by the Covid-19 MRNA 'vaccinations' and boosters.  


Energetic testing has consistently shown that EVERY BODY that has received a Covid-19 vaccination - whether they experienced side effects or not - has been impacted by significant disturbance to the energetic systems of the body.  It has also been shown that due to 'vaccine' shedding, damage to the energetic systems of the body is not always limited to the vaccinated.  


This can affect efficient brain function and cognition, optimum energetic function of the organs and muscles, as well as negatively impacting behaviour, state of mind and emotions, intuition and connection to spirit. 


Our ORGANIC JACARANDA BLUE vibrational frequency essence has beenshown to restore function to: 

  • ALL meridians enhancing performance of ALL organs and muscles
  • ALL chakras, specifically removing blocks and restoring energetic function to the pineal and pituitary glands
  • Emotional and behavioural imbalances 
  • Blocked intuition, cognition and brain function
  • The Auric fields of the body
  • Permanently remove Negative Energy Frequency (NEF) interferenceS.


In clinical practice, this essence has been observed to remove the energetic blocks to improving existing medical conditions and put clients back on the road to physical, mental, emotional, behavioural and spiritual goodhealth.


Whether you’ve had one, two, three, or more 'vaccinations', our JACARANDA BLUE essence will REMOVE all energetic interference and RESTORE your body's energy systems to their original blueprint for optimal health.


Suitable for adults and children of all ages, and anyone affected by negative direct or indirect impacts of the 'vaccination'.  


Order yours today while stocks last.



Please note: Little Rock Alchemy recognises and fully supports the basic human rights of ALL people to make their own free will choice when it comes to decisions about their medical health.  Our claims about this essence are limited to the energetic systems of the human body and energy therapy practices and are the result of extensive, clinical testing, observations and experience with all variations of the MRNA vaccinations currently available in Australia.


Jacaranda Blue Essence