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Trigonal - Crystal Octave Essence®

Trigonal - Crystal Octave Essence®


The Trigonal personality is characterised by their skill for simplifying the way things get done and are known for their ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach.


Our Trigonal Crystal Essence, captures the vibrational frequency of a proprietary blend of trigonal crystals, helping to ground, and restore simplicity to complicated, busy and stressful modern lives.


It helps to correct the following indicators of Trigonal Octave imbalance: 

  • Holding onto detrimental beliefs
  • Reluctance to try new things
  • Withdrawing from the world
  • Difficulty saying ‘no’
  • Need for respect - fear of looking foolish 
  • Superficial and egocentric
  • Feeling isolated, misunderstood, undervalued
  • ‘Catastrophe’ mode
  • Boredom.


Linked to the Base Chakra and Heart and Small Intestine Meridians, one dose of this essence can help to restore balance to those energy systems and their related muscles, internal organs, physiological systems, emotional states and behaviours.