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Rhombic style personalities are often the 'popular' people.  Very low key, they don’t draw attention to themselves, have exceptonal staying power, are excellent managers of day-to-day tasks and routine maintenance, and their life is generally constant and without change.  Known for being thorough and exact and carrying out their work with meticulous detail, as natural networkers, they always seek to fit in with others and create 'win-win' situations.


Our Rhombic Octave Essences, capture the vibrational frequency of a proprietary blend of rhombic system crystals, helping you to let go of unreasonably high standards, prioritise your own interests and goals, listen without judgement, build self worth and take credit where credit is due, expressing your needs, desires and knowledge with confidence. 


It helps to correct the following indicators of Rhombic Octave imbalance: 

  • Perfectionism
  • Losing sight of your interests to fit in with others
  • Feeling you haven't been living your own life
  • Guilt and underplaying accomplishments
  • Not knowing when to stand up for yourself
  • Belief that "I'm not good enough" and "people don't want to hear what I have to say"
  • Finding excuses not to finish what you start.


Linked to the Throat Chakra and Lung and Large Intestine meridians, one dose of this essence can help to restore balance to those energy systems and their related muscles, internal organs, physiological systems, emotional states and behaviours.

Rhombic - Crystal Octave Essence®