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Monoclinic - Crystal Octave Essence®

Monoclinic - Crystal Octave Essence®


The Monoclinic personality is characterised by continual change and flux, more interested in invention than maintenance of day-to-day routine and tasks.  They are experts at spotting discrepancies, known for their knowledge, intellect and quick wit and for being abstract independent thinkers with the ability to connect seemingly unrelated things, not caring whether they’re liked or not - just happy not to be common.


Our Monoclinic Octave Essences, capture the vibrational frequency of a proprietary blend of monoclinic crystals, to help you vanquish self doubt and encourage original, imaginative and open-minded flexible . 


It helps to correct the following indicators of Rhombic Octave imbalance: 

  • Brain confusion
  • Lack of concentration
  • Inability to organise thoughts coherently
  • A natural tendency to argue
  • Being easily influenced/lacking discernment
  • Overly logical and mechanical in thought process


Linked to the Brow Chakra and Central and Governing meridians, one dose of this essence can help to restore balance to those energy systems and their related muscles, internal organs, physiological systems, emotional states and behaviours.