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Amorphous - Crystal Octave Essence®

Amorphous - Crystal Octave Essence®


The Amorphous personality is characterised by its versatility and a lifestyle in which everything constantly appears new.  For Amorphous people, there is no past or future, they are swept up in the excitement of the moment anything not carried out ‘now’ is lost or forgotten, they are particularly known for their love of colour, experimenting with new styles and constantly finding new ways to stand out in the crowd.


Our Amorphous Octave Essences, capture the vibrational frequency imprint of a proprietary blend of amorphous crystals, helping you to restore playfulness, break free of boundaries, develop resilience to criticism; let go of the past without hesitation; restore creativity, inventiveness and motivation, and replace boredom with opportunity.


Helps to correct the following indicators of Triclinic Octave imbalance:

  • Prioritising pleasures of the moment over long term plans
  • Holding onto things longer than needed
  • Sense there is no future
  • Self destruction and agression
  • Boredom and feeling tied down by rules
  • Lack of colour in life.


Linked to the Soul Star Chakra and Central and Governing meridians, one dose of this essence can help to restore balance to those energy systems and their related muscles, internal organs, physiological systems, emotional states and behaviours.