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How to Safely Recycle Dropper Bottles

At Little Rock Alchemy, we are just as dedicated to caring for our planet as we are to helping people balance their physical, mental and emotional health naturally.

That's why we've put together some handy hints on how to safely recycle or up-cycle your existing glass dropper bottles, whether you're creating a new travel tincture for when your on the go, or just wanting to get even more value for money from your favourite Crystal Octave Essences™, you'll be caring for our planet at the same time!

Because you care about the environment and your health, one of your first thoughts when choosing to buy a new product, is probably, "is it environmentally friendly?"

While we work tirelessly to support a cleaner greener planet by ensuring that all the ingredients and materials we use in our products and packaging are 100% organic, GMO free and either recycled, or recyclable, there is one part of our packaging that isn't as environmental as we'd like - and for this, we need your help!

The squeezy dropper tops on our essence bottles are an essential part of being able to measure out the exact dosage you need, however, their combination of glass, rubber and plastic components means they are not able to be recycled. For that reason, we encourage our customers to either remove the dropper completely and recycle only the glass bottle, or better yet, when you've finished enjoying your favourite Crystal Octave Essence™, up-cycle the whole thing and use it for something else.

We've put together some of our top tips to guide you through the do's and don'ts of how to safely recycle - or up-cycle - your next dropper bottle, as well as some of our favourite ideas and fabulous home remedies to inspire you to keep feeling better day after day.

How to Safely Recycle Your Dropper Bottle

We often forget that having effective food handling practices at home is one of the easiest and best ways to maintain good health. To ensure you're safely recycling or up-cycling your bottles for a new lease on life, simply follow these 3 steps recommended by, Food Standards Australia New Zealand:



  • rinse out any remaining product

  • scrub inside and out using a bottle brush and warm soapy water

  • leave to soak in water and our labels will easily peel off - any remaining stickiness can be easily removed using steel wool.


Once clean and label free, your glass bottle can be recycled, or you can sterilise both the bottle and dropper for re-purposing.

For CHEMICAL FREE sterilisation, simply:

  • submerge the bottle and dropper in a saucepan of room temperature water

  • bringing it to the boil using a stove

  • continue to boil for a few minutes

  • carefully remove saucepan from the heat taking extra care to avoid being scalded - use oven mits and any other personal protective equipment to assist.

Remember the bottle and dropper will be extremely hot, so use tongs to remove them from the water and keep hot glass away from cold surfaces to avoid cracking.


All bottles and droppers must be:

  • thoroughly air-dried before re-use

  • while drying, cover with a clean tea-towel to prevent contamination.

When the dropper and bottle are dry, you're ready to up-cycle!

This process works for almost any bottle, so let your creativity be your guide and remember to get in touch with any other questions you may have about how to live your healthiest and most balanced life ever!

With love

Robyn Burgess

CEO | Little Rock Alchemy

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