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Crystals vs. Crystal Essences: which is better for healing?

Physical gems by their very form are limited to working on the outer layers of the human body - from the outside in - which can take time for the body to absorb and process.

Because crystal essences are infused with a concentration of the vibrational frequencies of the crystal, locked in and preserved in serum form with grape alcohol, they can be safely ingested and quickly absorbed into the body to work directly at a cellular level. Working from the inside out - instead of the outside in - makes them far more effective in terms of the strength and the speed at which they are able to produce results.

Crystal essences are basically a super concentrated vibrational infusion of the most potent aspects of the healing properties of crystals without any of the potential negative aspects - in other words, they're ready when you need them and don't need to be cleared or cleansed in order to deliver the same powerful result each time they are used.

For fast and effective change, Crystal Octave Essences™, deliver transformation to the energetic systems of the body as well as the mind, emotions and spirit and once you have identified which crystal system is out of balance you can carry your favourite crystal talisman or wear your favourite crystal to continue to support your energetic realignment post balance.​

Take a look at our range of Crystal Octave Essences™ today and discover how you can start using the power of crystals to transform your health, relationships, business, career, money and more - to start living the life you want!

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