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What are 'Crystal Octaves'?

“Everything is energy.”

- Albert Einstein

And all energy exists in OCTAVES - 8 fundamental frequencies that form the foundation of every known system of classification - from sound, chakras, meridians, auric fields, numerology, and personality profiling, to their related muscles, organs, and body types - everything exists in octaves!

As a result, there can only ever be 8 energetic issues that affect the body, mind and soul.

This is the basis for understanding the working of Crystal Octave Essence®.

As with every other system of classification, there are only 8 types of crystal that are ever possible at their deepest structural level. Crystals are scientifically classified into 7, 'crystal systems', based on the geometric symmetry of their internal structure, the categories being: trigonal, cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal, rhombic, monoclinic, triclinic, with the 8th 'amorphous' category referring to crystals with no internal symmetrical structure at all.

Each crystal system generates its own vibrational frequency and those 8 frequencies align with the energetic systems of the body - the chakras, meridians, and auric fields.

Physiologically, our bodies are also significantly crystalline in nature, with each organ, gland, nerve system, cell, and protein structure, even the tissue salts in the body, showing levels of organisation with some degree of crystalline function. And water - which makes up approximately 75% of the body's total composition - exhibiting all seven major crystallographic geometries in its various forms.

Consequently when the crystalline structures and energetic systems of our bodies are out of alignment, it can negatively impact every aspect of our physical, mental, emotional and chemical health, interfering with everything from the working of our muscles, organs and hormones, to those aspects of ourselves we might think are within our 'control' - our thoughts, feelings, behaviours - and even our personality.

Just as crystals exhibit specific structural 'habits' of formation, humans also exhibit characteristics that align with these same 8 Octave structural frequencies - the Crystal Octave Archetypes. When we stray too far from these fundamental patterns we begin to experience the negative impacts of that frequency, which show up as imbalance and discord in our lives.

By their nature, mineral crystal structures are generally solid and unchanging, whereas living organisms, like flowers and plants, are more pliant and variable, and because the structure of crystals always remains true to form, the vibrational frequency it emits can be used to identify misalignment in the energetic systems of the body and bring it back into balance.

The Crystal Octaves provide us with a gateway to understanding the 8 fundamental energies of the universe, their impacts on our health and wellbeing and how we can apply them in every day life, to better understand ourselves, the people around us and our place in the universe.

The Crystal Octave Archetypes are the gateway to understanding the energetic origins of who you are, why you do what you do, how you fit into the world around you and how you can change any aspect of your life to make it just the way you want it!

To learn more about the Crystal Octaves and their Archetypes, FOLLOW US, SHOP our publications, and most importantly, TAKE THE TEST to find your Octave Archetype profile!

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