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In the words of Albert Einstein, “Everything is energy”.  That includes behaviour!  


Traditional homeopathic style plant and crystal essences work to identify and clear the

emotional component of an issue.  

Crystal Octave Essences® go deeper!

Using the 8 core, universal energies, that underpin all living things, they help identify the original cause of emotions, find positive corrective behaviours and instantly align you to those behaviours, bringing ALL energetic systems of the body back into alignment for real results, personal growth and resilience. 

You'll literally find yourself living the solution!




Harness the

"Crystal Octaves"

the ONLY 8 Universal Energies 

you'll ever need in easy to use 

homeopathic style essences


Define the universal behavioural profiles that explain why we do what we do and how we can use energy to our advantage


Introduce the NEW Universal Energy System™ to help you find and correct imbalances across ALL energetic systems

of the body simultaneously



Remove the energetic/emotional blocks causing physical, mental and emotional issues, delivering lasting, long term results 


With every use, learn more about your own energetic profile, those around you and how to create your life just the way you

want it

By simply bringing to conscious awareness the underlying psychology of how you created an issue, and the energetic behaviours - thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes - you continue to engage in that unconsciously reinforce it, then replacing that with the matching corrective behaviour, and completely snapping your energy system back into alignment,

you will find yourself easily and effortlessly making the changes you want and need.