Tap into the earth's wisdom with Crystal Octave Essences® and discover the unique character traits, life challenges and innate superpowers you already have to transform your health, relationships, business, money, career and much more, so you canstart living your best version of you!


Introduction to the Crystal Octave Archetypes, is the essential quick reference guide to help you master your use of this healing system.  It will help you: 

  • Discover the 8 fundamental frequencies of the universe
  • Make connections between ALL energy systems of the body
  • Learn the Crystal Octave Archetypes (characteristics, behaviours and habits that drive all human interactions)
  • Take your understanding of energy therapy to the next level
  • Use the crystals you already have to their best effect
  • Choose the right crystal every time with confidence
  • Get RESULTS you can really feel and see!


Go beyond standard crystal "meanings" and discover the REAL reason you're attracted to your favourite gems and crystals and the personality traits, behaviours, challenges and strengths they can both help us correct and cultivate.  


This easy to use binder edition is perfect for the practitioner in clinic and anyone wanting to flip instantly to the information they need.


Introduction to the Crystal Octave Archetypes

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