If you think you love gems and crystals now, this book will take you to the next level of understanding and appreciation!


This comprehensive text takes you from the history of crystals and human kind's cross cultural fascination with them over centuries - for both healing and technology - to explaining the science behind what really draws us to their engaging colour lustre and tone.


We go beyond standard crystal "meanings" to discover the real reason you're attracted to your favourite gems and crystals and the personality traits, behaviours, challenges and strengths they can both help us correct and cultivate.  


This introduction to the Crystal Octaves will help you: 

  • Understand the science behind how and why crystals work for healing 
  • Discover the connections between all energy systems
  • Become familiar with the Crystal Octave Archetypes (characteristics, behaviours and habits)
  • Take your understanding of energy therapy to the next level
  • Use the crystals you already have to their best effect
  • Choose the right crystal every time with confidence
  • Get real results you can see and feel!


This text is an introduction to Crystal Octaves, the 8 fundamental crystal frequencies that underlie all creation and how to use crystals more effectively for transformational healing.  It guides you through the complex universal systems of organisation and vibration that connect our own internal and external frequency systems - the chakras, meridians and subtle bodies.  You'll learn how to use crystals as a divining rod to find the source of imbalance, better understand yourself, those around you and your connection with the planet, bringing you back into balance, mind, body and soul.


Crystal Octave Essences: How to get real results using crystals for healing