By popular request, The Extraordinary Eight Meridians and Their Crystal Bone Keys, introduces you to the functional theory, psychology and clinical applications of the Extraordinary Eight Meridians (Extra 8)


As the first meridians to form in utero, the Exra 8 provide the keys to unlocking the deeper psychology of observable meridian system dysfunction and as the reservoirs of energy, help to address energetic imbalance of the whole body, mind, and spirit at its core point of creation.


An essential text on the psychology of the Extra 8 meridians and their application in practice, this text will help you master the use of the Extra 8 introducing you to the: 

  • The philosophy of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians
  • Relationships between the Extra 8 Meridians 
  • How the Extra 8 link with the 12 primary meridians
  • Pathways, functional origins and purpose of the Extra 8
  • Psychology of each meridian
  • Significant points and point psychologies
  • Bone keys
  • Medical issues and clinical applications.


Discover the deeper psychology and connections at work in the meridian systems of the human body for deeper and longer lasting results


Due for release by April 1 2022, this comprehensive examination of the Extraordinary Eight meridians and their practical application is a MUST for every energy practitioner's book shelf.



The Extraordinary Eight Meridians And Their Crystal Bone Keys

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