Are Crystal Essences the Same as Crystal Water?

As a kinesiologist and producer of professional therapeutic quality crystal essences, I'm often asked what I think about crystal water bottles and whether there's a difference between them and crystal essences, so here's my expert opinion and some helpful information to help you decide what's best for you.

If you love it do it!

Crystal Water is a quick, easy and fun way to surround yourself with 'feel good' energy. You can easily make your own by simply placing good quality - non toxic crystals - in water and exposing them to sunlight for a couple of hours, or leaving them to sit overnight to absorb the frequency of the crystals. After a day or two, water prepared in this way will lose its charge and will need to be made again.

If there's one thing all medical professionals and therapists agree on is that reducing stress and improving hydration are key when it comes to creating and maintaining good health. To my mind, if having a water bottle with a crystal in it elevates your spirits and motivates you to drink more water, fantastic - job done on both counts!

Accelerated Healing - from the inside out

Crystal Essences are more potent, traditional medicine preparations that use additional alchemical processes to imprint water with the vibrational frequency of the crystals, which is then preserved in brandy to lock it in. They are the fastest, most direct and effective way to use crystals for healing.

As crystals are more difficult to extract frequency energies from compared to biological materials such as flowers and bark, additional frequency release techniques must be used in order to achieve potent practitioner grade essences.

Energetic precision is of the utmost importance and there are many considerations that must be made to minimise the interference of trace minerals, toxins, chemicals, preservatives and energetic interference from equipment, ingredients, the environment and the crystals themselves, as well as 'supercharging' processes that occur in order to produce a high potency product.

We use a range of alchemical processes to extract the just the right combination of vibrational frequencies needed for our essences and are committed to providing the most pure, potent products for personal education and change. The processes and ingredients we use to create each essence have been refined over many years of experimentation and testing, so you can be sure that when you buy Crystal Octave Essences®, you are buying quality therapeutic grade products that will deliver results.

In Summary...

Both Crystal Essences and Crystal Water can be beneficial - Crystal Octave Essences™, will help you understand the exact crystal you need to correct imbalances in your energy system and snap you straight back into alignment, while creating your own crystal water can be beautiful, complimentary way to continue to support yourself once balance has been restored.

To learn more about how Crystal Octave Essences™ can enhance your ability to tap into the earth's wisdom and transform your health, relationships, business, money, career and much more, visit our site and start your learning journey today.

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