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As the ultimate, ‘good vibes’ brand, Little Rock Alchemy, aims to create easy to use and highly effective therapeutic crystal frequency products for both professional practitioners and every-day crystal enthusiasts, for the purpose of uncovering unconscious patterns of lifestyle behaviour and programming that cause repeating cycles of imbalance in life.

Our commitment to you, is:

"to consistently deliver the most powerful, quality tested, proprietary blends of practitioner quality, pure energy, crystal essences, possible."



We strive to always go above and beyond industry expectations to deliver the best quality homeopathic style vibrational essences on the market.


In development since 2017, Crystal Octave Essences™, and the, Universal Energy System™, are the result of years of intensive research, testing and fine tuning, resulting in the final, Crystal Octave Essences™, combinations, recipes, preparation practices and products. 

Crystal Octave Essences™, are made in nature based, energetically appropriate environments and bottled by hand, by CEO and registered kinesiologist, Robyn Burgess, ensuring that all Crystal Octave Essences™ have the most potent energetic content.  Both the essence components and the practitioner are energetically cleared and balanced prior to the production of the essences. The practitioner only has minimal contact with the essences while they are being made and all gems used in our products have been ethically sourced from reputable traders.


Most importantly, all of our essences are created as "pure energy" products.  We use specific 'restoring' and 'cleansing' processes to prepare crystals prior to production and DO NOT add any other energies to our essences, either before, during or after production, so you can be sure that what you are buying is pure vibrational crystal frequency products - no intentions, interventions, or any other 'stuff' added. 


Our products are also manufactured and packaged with the environment in mind, using energy efficient processes and equipment, and organic, recycled, or recyclable materials - so you can feel good about your purchase inside and out. 

We have even become the first essence manufactures to produce our own Organic Eau de Vie style brandy, so that we can guarantee our essences are GMO and preservative free and made only with certified organic ingredients - making them free from any unintended interference from chemicals and artificial additives and the purest energetic product on the market.



Committed to being industry leaders in effective energy therapy products and practices, we promise never to settle for just doing what's been done before, or following the crowd.

That’s why we’re breaking from the traditional allopathic ‘prescriptive medicine’ approach that all crystal, flower and plant essences have based up till now - the “I feel like this, so I’ll take that”, “do to me”, approach that acts on emotional states from the outside in.  

Our, Crystal Octave Essences™, go deeper than a single emotion, or emotional state.  


By capturing the 8 fundamental frequencies that underlie all energetic imbalances - instead of dusting off the same emotions again and again - you can get to the core of the issue, snap ALL your energy systems back into alignment, and start living the change now.  No repeat doses, or ongoing maintenance, just better personal awareness for long term change.


Very few people fully understand the concept, "everything is energy", as it applies to human health and we are committed to increasing awareness of the energetic circulatory system, and its vital importance for good health and wellbeing of body, mind, soul and spirit.

Through the development of the, Universal Energy System™ - our integrated model of the body's energy systems - together with the Octave Archetypes, we aim to make information about the energy systems more accessible and easier to understand and apply to everyday life - helping understand the way the energetic systems work and how to use them to create and live the life you want.

Above all...

We hope to share our love, fascination, awe and passion for energetic healing, and our discoveries of the, Crystal Octave Archetypes, and, Universal Energy System™, with you in ways that inspire transformational change and truly help you to better understand yourself, your community, your connection with the planet and ultimately experience balance and success in all areas of your life.